Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Tag A Day Prevents Brain Decay

Life is like a feather in each wind that blows.

hmm.. just looking at the title you might have understood my brain is not rolliing right nowadays. It is too occupied being the good aunt, the lazy loving daughter, the helpful little sister.. the wife pining away in love.. the student waiting for results.. amidst all this is lost the blogger I want to be.

I wanted to write for the blogaton. Unfortunately, my sister has a schedule that will sweep you off your feet, no matter who you are. Buried in the above roles, I quite forgot about it, until Rahul reminded him.  By the way, I managed to peep in and read some of the posts and I should say, I had lot of fun!! I would have had more if I had written one post too. The topic was "The Indian Dream". Inspite of it being a much discussed one, some of them had a very refreshing outlook at the Indian dream and that was worth the read. Go take a look if you are intersted, it is a really cool concept this blogaton.

So.. back to the Tag-a-day. I have so many backlogs, and yet so little time nowadays to think of somehting interesting to write about, I figured, this was a good idea. Otherwise, I might shie away the few people who do comment with incessant talk about my family and friends. I take my duties as an aunt very seriously, for the rewards are exhilarating :) My two year old nephew thinks I am the best, and he has decided to call his eldest aunt as "bullatha" too after me haha..

Errr.. there I go again, back to the whole family gloating... but then, its ok right??

Today's tag is something I really enjoyed reading. Ekam is a charming young lady and her posts are always interesting. She wrote this tag which is like an "About me" tag. Do read about her here.

There are no rules, if there were, most probably my post would end up looking like very similar to Ekam's post. Surprisinglly, we both have a lot of things in common.

  1. I like my name. I know people who think its no big deal, but I am glad I don't have a boring name. And I am very happy that my name is not pronounced in ways beyond recognition by Westerners. I can live with Ro-He-Ne. It sure sounds like Rohini. Not bad. Really. Of course, my surname is an entirely different story, but I like it too.
  2. One quality I posses, that I don't like sometimes, is my ability to adjust and accomodate to the demands of people I hardly know or like.. or would never want to. In other words, I find myself nice and pleasing even when I dont want to. Sometimes, it backfires.. sometimes it annoys 'cos the other guy doesn't deserve it and often, i am glad i am like this.
  3. I wish I had a huge circle of friends. But I know that is a bit unlikely. Only because the people I trust, like and open up to are very few. The qualities in them are not hard to find in others, but I shy  away from people whom I don't trust by instinct or whose behaviour I don't like. And looking back, I think this list if longer than the former. sigh.
  4. I have been a good student without having to put too much effort so far. I am worried that I might have become out of sync with my student self. Atleast I still have time to get back in my groove.
  5. My parents have raised me with a mixture of old and new fashions. I have always strived to keep the balance intact as far as I can. But in religious matters like puja and rituals, I am not always successful. I do not know much about them, and I am not sure if I have the zeal to learn. But, I respect them nevertheless.
  6. I love to smile. Even if my smile is not photogenic, or people dont like it.. I think to be able to smile is wonderful and it should be used as often as possible. There is so much to smile at.. why hold yourself back.
  7. My family says they can read my face like a book. It shows all my emotions. I try pretty hard not to. It is quite irritating sometimes. Atleast I can control my expressions to some extent when I am with friends or strangers. Thank god for that!
  8. I am very lazy at home (Honest Ekam, not copying you). I dont dress neatly, I dont do everywork as soon as I think of it. I like to take thigns slow and relax.. and just laze around. Like what we can do later, we should never do now. So, if you ever plan to visit, do give me a call first. Then I do things in a jiffy, and my house is guest worthy and I play the perfect host. :D My husband is always surprised and happy when we have guests.. haha. I use to tell my mom that a home is not like a hotel room - it wont be always neat and things wont be always scanty or in their places 'cos people are what make a house a home. :D now, I tell my husband that. haha.
  9. I am going to go back to my home and miss my family.. especially the kids. They are all so adorable.. I wish they had more time to play with me. I have firmly decided to come in their holidays from now on. What is the point of interrupting their schedules such that they dont do justice to that or spend time with me.. very sad.
  10. And lastly I will tell you a little secret. I think watches are the perfect gifts. I was kind of obsessed with them in college. I had atleast a dozen I think. Now I just have a couple and I wish I had more. Well, I always wish I had more watches. One for each dress style - casual, trendy, academic, sporty, traditional, semi-traditional...etc etc.. My husband thanks his lucky stars that atleast I don't wish i had only expensive watches. No.. just any watch would do as long as I like it and it works..
Ah.. there my friends.. I did it. I hope you enjoyed reading about me.. if you found it atleast a little interesting I think I would be happy. And what do you think of my a tag a day? It might only be for a week though, I dont think I have tags more than that pending. Who knows.. maybe I might come up with something after that. I do have many ideas in draft.. haha..

Anu, Eash, Parzi, Rims, Hitaishi, Sid and simba.. would do please take up this tag.. I want to know more about you :) Anybody else who is interested and wants to write, just drop a line ..

Enjoy! life is short and is like a ball that bounces back no matter what. Your thoughts are the air that keeps it up. Think bright, think light.. think happy !


Guria said...

Good one this tag! But difficult too...
Again except for the watches thing, I could almost be reading about myself! lol...
Very well done, girl! New things about you. :)

Guria said...

Oh by the way, an amazing header. Loved the title!! :D

HaRy!! said...

he he nice blog a tag yu have done! well hmm Ro-he-ne...yeah am wondering how the westeners wud call yu? mine is quite easy...thats y i kinda changed to Hary :)...ok ok dont throw tomatoes!..nice

monica said...

Wow! i like this idea.Actually, i won't really call this a tag.It's like an open ended thing really, no rules to be followed as such. Just write what comes to mind randomly. As i have mentioned previously, our similarities seem eerie to me. My god! I am lazy as a buffalo and i too have this desire to have a looong circle of friends.I see myself in your posts :)

PS: I love the first picture

Ekam said...

Nice to know more about you di :)
You were right. We have so much in common.
Yeah. This is where we get hurt. You know it that the person doesn't deserve us but then again you just do anything to make him happy.
Smile. Totally agree with you. There is so much to smile about. Just look around :)
Hehe. Chalo. You are just like me.Why to do the work today when it can be done tomorrow. Hehe. Wah wah :D

Enjoyed reading this post. Got to know more about you. Thanks. God bless you :)

Being Pramoda... said...

HI Rohini,

Very nice pics u have posted..:) Thanks for these..

and ur name..haan i too like it..and u know ur full name is even more good..Rohini Prasanth..:)

being emotional is one real bliss..thats what i feel..:) njoy the moments..take care..

Rohini Prasanth said...

@guria - thanks! Ekam tagged you already.. so I didnt get a chance to tag you :( I hope you do it soon.. Similarities between us amaze me constantly.

@Hary - Tomatoes? I am thinking of potatoes.. :P

@Monica - Thanks! Would you be interested in doing this about me post? i would love to read.. Did Ekam tag you? she tagged most people on my list prompting me to name only a few.. Thanks! That pic was taken in a park. I liked the feather and how it contrasts the ground colour.

@Ekam - thanks for tagging me along :) I had fun thinking up this post.

@pramoda - thank you :) i took them in a park when we went for barbecue so long back. Prasanth is not my surname. We are not tamilians. I chose not to use my family name online, thats all. And as you say, it does sound good to say rohini prasanth. Prasanth likes it too.

SiMbA tAgO said...

@ rohini : : such a sweet tag and that too with a nice post-name... like u i too hacve too many drafts and i have to post them with minor changes ... and the tags i've pending are too many ... i wish i take them up soon and complete the mm ..

sure to take this up...

thanks cheers

R S V said...

first the title....I liked ti very much...
second the tag....I know that's difficult but not now....some copy pasting would be enough....
third the third point...well its hard to believe that you don't have circle of friends ....but with a better approach I think this depends on the definition of friend and your own parameters..
keep smiling Ro(can I call you such?)


monica said...

Naa...not really. My life isn't tht intersting. Had fun reading yours!!

parzi said...

hieee rohini...
how r u???seems like somebody is having a lot of fun with kids..great ya!
coming to the was a pleasure to know all that about honestly you are just as i thought you to be...a lovely person truly..always remain that way!
and thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much for tagging me...shall take it up soon!
thanks a ton!
take care!
enjoy yourself!

Rohini Prasanth said...

@Simba - waiting to see you post it.

@RSV - sometimes i am not sure I need a big circle of friends :) I am kind of picky you know.. not by choice though. I would gladly make friends with anyone whom I like. Sure, you can call me Ro.

@monica - that is not for you to decide. I am sure your life is intersting to us, your blog followers.

@parzi - i am beaming. :) you are so sweet. Waiting to see you post it :)

ramblingsfromhere said...

love the pictures ro :)

i know no surprise there..thanks for tagging!! will get to the about me post soon..promise!!

mad writings said...

hii Rohini

your point no.8 just rocks..about you being lazy. when im reading that , i found myself there..... superb....i try to find excuses for my lazyness in cleaing my roon n arranging stuff .....


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